There are a lot of blog owners who write some interesting posts, translations etc but write nothing about them. Usually people want to know who is the author, who wrote that amazing article about, for instance, Google architecture... But they can't!

Paul Midgard MarkovHere I will try to tell you some interesting information about Paul Midgard Markov (actually, it's me :)).

Well, I'm a student of Higher School of Economics in Russia. I study at Business-Informatics faculty at the 2d grade. I'm a kind of web-developer, which means that I can do almost everything: create design for your site, write module or even CMS (Content Management System). Today I'm working on my own CMS, which allow you to add only one (or two) file in order to create new module. Let's kick it away, because I moved to a new project that requires a lot of time, so I don't know when my CMS will be completed.

Moreover I promised to create engine that will provide social networking, such as... hmm... let's say... such as TechRepublic. I hope you know what is TechRepublic.
I'm looking for a person who can give me practise on what CIOs are doing. I'm interested in this kind of job. Of course I don't know anything about ITIL, COBIT (CISCO IT-Management or whatever), but I promise, I will read a lot and in time I will learn all that buzzy words!

Well, I have two phone numbers:
Cellular: +79263800679
Landing: +15672519529 (after 8pm)

And some other types of contacts...
Skype ID: deMidgard
MSN: deMidgard at Hotmail_com
ICQ: 257834461

Here is the list of all sites, I created last [and this] year (the only bad thing is that all of them are in russian):
www.kozlovka.su - Promo-site for VisitKozlovka.ru
www.mwoa.ru - Russian version of this site
www.blyaaa.ru - When everything goes bad
www.army-hr.ru - Some interesting facts and news about russian army
www.visitkozlovka.ru - Town's Homepage