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Keep it simple


Recently I realized that to post something to your weblog you have to be stupid enough. I mean that you must behave yourself like a person who knows everything and nothing at the same time.

This is a really big problem. It’s very easy to write something, when you know what to write about, when you receive feedback from subscribers etc. But how to write, when you don’t know the demands of people reading your blog? And is it possible to define who is reading blog at list twice a week and who come only to read another google provided article?

And the problem I actually have to solve is that when I don’t know something, I’m trying to learn it. But when I learnd something, it seems that everyone knew it years ago, and your post couldn’t help someone.

How can bloggers improve this? Is there any simple approach? Is it difficult? This is what I’d like to discuss. I appreciate any thoughts.

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Dolls Photoset

Small dolls photoset I created today.


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Reflections and Shadows

Hope you have never read mannual explaining you how to create such reflections… In this article I’m going to explain you the difference between shadows and reflections.

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