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FCKeditor implementation in ExpressionEngine

FCKeditor probably is the most flexible WYSIWYG editor. The way I implemented it is not the easiest way, but it works perfectly. This tutorial is for advanced php users, who understand what does each line mean, but beginners can simply copy php code listed below and edit two files.


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SEO tips for ExpressionEngine

SpiderWhen I installed ExpressionEngine for the first time on my site, I wondered about no possibility to insert dynamic keywords and description meta-tags. By saying dynamic i mean that all this tags must be different in every post.

Meta tags help search crowlers to identify the pages they are analyzing. Of course it’s not the only way crowlers understand what your page is about, but it’s the primary thing you should do in order to promote your web-site.

Inserting static tags, which would be same at all pages is very bad. Google warns you about pages having same descriptions and some crawlers don’t scan these pages (or scan merely). So 4 lines of extracode and one plugin solved my problem.

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