How to draw a road sign

In this tutorial I show you, how I created a road sign.

Create a new Group and name it "Sign". Then create an empty layer in the group and name it also "Sign". :)
Now we must create a plain sign to start working. Create a "plain" sign and add perpective, by choosing Distort type of Free Transform Tool (select a layer). Note that your plain sign must be on one layer.

Choose Distort type of Free Transform tool in order to make a sign look a bit real

Let's add some scratches to show that we have a real old sign, that have seen a lot of cars :) I used several types of brushes. All of them available at Create a new layer and call it "Scratches". And brush it, and brush it :)

You may have noticed that in a real life objects that are closer seem brighter. So we have to add some brightnes. It's very easy :) Just pick the color of your red circle (I have #fa4c2f) and choose a bit darker color. I used #f92d12. As I created a plain sign on one layer, I selected red area and used gradient tool to make bring reality to a sign.

As we complited half of work, we should add corner. Duplicate the layer "Sign", move it to the right by 10-15 px, decrease it's saturation and brightness levels, and add some noise (Filter -> Noise -> Add Noise). You nay ask, why din't I created just I grey ellipse? The answer is that we don't need smooth surface. We need a real one. You can duplicate "Sign" layer, fill it with grey and then add noise.

I hope you placed a new "Dark Sign" layer under the original. Now we have to add some "light sources". Select the area of "Dark Sign" layer (by clicking on layer's icon) and create a new layer called "Light". Now add gradient and set layer's blending option to "Soft Light". I used radial gradient.

The only thing we have to do is to make our sign a bit older. Create new layer, chose yellowish color and fill it (layer) with gradient as shown on the image below.

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