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When I installed ExpressionEngine for the first time on my site, I wondered about no possibility to insert dynamic keywords and description meta-tags. By saying dynamic i mean that all this tags must be different in every post.

Meta tags help search crowlers to identify the pages they are analyzing. Of course it’s not the only way crowlers understand what your page is about, but it’s the primary thing you should do in order to promote your web-site.

Firstly I have downloaded Eexperts plugin, which limits characters shown after stripping all tags. Stripping tags is required in order to get valid XHTML page.

Secondly after some manipulations i added this piece of code between tags in my template (which is used to show posts).

{exp:weblog:entries weblog="{my_weblog}" require_entry="yes” limit="1" rdf="off" disable="member_data|pagination|trackbacks|category_fields"}
<meta name="keywords" content="{categories backspace="1"}{category_name}, {/categories}” />{/exp:weblog:entries}
<meta name="description" content="{exp:eexcerpt if_exceeds="40" stop_after="35"}{exp:weblog:entries require_entry="yes" limit="1" backspace="-400”}{body}{/exp:weblog:entries}{/exp:eexcerpt}" />

Some explanations. Require_entry="yes" means that if you opened page containing no entry this code wouldn’t work. Backspace allows you to limit text, shown in any block. Usually it begins to strip text from the end. In order to show first (not last) 400 characters i added minus.

That is all work you have to do. Good luck in your SEO :)

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1 Shalafi | 02/09 11:58

Thx for a good tip, it really saved me some pain in the a[censored])

2 Leevi Graham | 10/15 13:08


I know this is an old post but I thought I would comment anyway.

I have been working on and releasing regular updates to an ExpressionEngine Extension called LG Better Meta.

The LG Better Meta extension adds a new tab to the publish and edit tabs of the ExpressionEngine administration.

The included plugin renders the individual entry and site meta data, which when used correctly will create SEO optimised pages and search engine sitemaps.

LG Better Meta 1.7 now includes sitemap meta and a search engine site map generator tag!

I know it’s self promotion but I really think that this extension is a must have for ExpressionEngine SEO.

Cheers Leevi

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